TableView with many sections and items from array

I’ve started working on new app(I won’t tell what is it yet :)). It’s main functionality focuses on displaying a table view. Table view with a lot of items, divided into sections, based on their creation date. I’m sure it sounds trivial, but this was really good Swift language exercise for me.

For table item, I have this structure:

For simplicity’s sake, it has only two properties. For sections I have dictionary:

Keys are dates in String, and value for each key is array of TableItems. I need to display all items and sections sorted(based on date), and since dictionaries are not good with that, I’m using array for keeping order.

My viewDidLoad() looks like this:

As you can see, I’m using this very useful NSDate extension written in Swift, to get creation date with desired format in String. It contains many handy methods to work with date. Now, all we need are table view data source methods:

I’ve tested it with 406 items, divided into 60 sections(biggest sections had 308 items, most sections had 1-2 items). Those are not big numbers, but it’s something what real users are gonna work with. And it’s running smoothly on iPhone 4S. Bye for now!