My First macOS App – A Widget for MailChimp

I made my first macOS app! I’m using MailChimp for my iOS Cookies newsletter. They have a nice app for iOS with widget that displays number of subscribers. I’m checking it quite often and I wanted to have same thing on my computer, but there was no tool for this. Since I wanted to make some app for macOS anyway, this was a great project to pick.

So I present to you Chimpget – Mailchimp widget for macOS Notification Center.

Chimpget - mailchimp widget for macOS

Chimpget – mailchimp widget for macOS

It’s fairly simple. It displays two things:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of subscribers since last campaign

I will add more features in future.

Coming from iOS Dev world, making app for macOS was bit harder. Working with UIKit is comparing to AppKit very delightful experience. There’s a lot of nice features you get used to but you won’t find them in AppKit. Working with tableviews in storyboards is a mess.

Testing proved itself as very important. The layout of widget was perfectly fine on my Mac running macOS Sierra. However running it on El Capitan there were glitches. TestFlight for macOS apps would be very nice, but since it’s not available, I had to use Nevertheless, HocekyApp worked pretty well and it was easy to use.

Overall, developing app for macOS was great experience. I’m excited to have app on Mac App Store as well, and I’m hoping it will be better revenue-wise , since it’s not that crowded like iOS App Store.