My First App Was Released!

Somewhere during Saturday I’ve released my app – an iOS universal game – Space Troubles. You can find it on appstore. Nothing special happened since then, but it’s still exciting experience. It’s interesting to watch statistics in iTunes Connect and other tools, such as App Annie or Flurry.

After first day, I had 12 downloads. After second day it was 53. Frankly, I haven’t done any marketing, as it’s just casual game and I have no expectations from it. It’s my first app and I just wanted to go through the process of releasing app, get some experience. For some reason I got most downloads from UK, 26 to be specific. In USA it was only 6.

I’ve noticed some issues with iAd, as there has been 0 impressions. Which could mean it has been failing to load all the time. I don’t know why is that, before releasing, everything seemed to be fine, and I was testing on real device.

I’m curious if number of downloads from tomorrow’s report will be bigger, or my app will lost somewhere in bottom of App Store. Anyway, time to move on and start working on something new!