I’ve Released My Second App!

When I woke up today, there was new email in my inbox saying “.. your app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale…”. I’ve finally finished my second app, submitted it for review last week on Thursday and now it’s available in the App Store – Contacts Timeline.

I’ve already realised few things I forgot about, and probably most crucial one – Deployment target was set to iOS 8.3. Maybe it’s not that big issue, there’s a lot of devices running on iOS 8.3 and thanks to Apple Music, a lot of people updated to 8.4 so those to should make majority. But still, there’s no reason not to release it for iOS 8.0+.

App itself is simple – it’s main feature is to show you your contacts in order from newest to oldest. I like to meet new people, mainly during weekend’s nights. But I have terrible memory for names, especially when there are some drinks involved. So I made this app and problem is solved :). Of course there are already some apps like that in the App Store, but I’ve found only 5 of them, so I thought there is still some space for one more.

One more thing – I’ve already started working on another app. But this time, it’s for OS X. Even though there’s a lot of similarities to iOS development, it’s new world to me, and it will be interesting project. So far I’m building quick prototype, and after that I’ll create landing page. Not gonna spoil what it is yet, but it will be a tool mainly for iOS/Mac developers, so stay in touch 😉