Bought iOS8 and Swift course on Udemy

I haven’t time to post to my blog, but I’ve decided I’ll fix this and post at least once a weak. First thing I’d like to share – ¬†there was quite decent discount on this course on Udemy while ago, so I’ve decided to give it a try. I have completed only 33% so far. For me who already has some experience with iOS programming, first chapters don’t bring anything new, but at least there is nice intro into Swift language(although there’s ton of this on the internet).

What is nice about this course, is that after basics of iOS programming, each chapter shows you how to make clone of some pretty known apps like Instagram, Tinder, Flappy bird and so on… And you don’t have to follow those chapters in any particular order, you can skip to whatever you like.

So I’ve jumped into Flappy bird as I had in my mind an idea for simple game. I want to actually finish some app, and publish it. Something like a pilot for me, so the simpler the better. My game is almost finished, I’ll post about it in soon.

To somehow rate the course, I’d say it’s good. For someone who’s complete beginner, when it comes to programming and/or iOS apps development, this can be nice investment. Author explains everything very clearly and it’s easy to follow.

That’s it for today, in next post I’m gonna share my experience with creating simple iOS game.